Day 2 of the AACCUP Accreditation Survey Visit Level 3 Phase 2, on April 23, 2024

On Day 2 of the AACCUP Accreditation Survey Visit for Level 3 Phase 2 on the following programs: Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology, Bachelor of Science in Fisheries, Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, and Master in Public Management, the participating colleges focused on these significant tasks: document perusal, compliance, interview, and defense.

The accreditors conducted a thorough evaluation of documents, both for mandatory and chosen areas. This meticulous process allows them to measure the colleges’ adherence to academic standards and serves as a crucial foundation for the accreditation process, identifying areas of strength and areas needing improvement.

The presentations of the concerned programs offered insights into its unique identity, mission, and achievements. It was a chance for the colleges to showcase their strengths and contributions to the academic community.

This accreditation is evident that participating colleges are committed to providing quality education by demonstrating a shared commitment to academic excellence and continuous improvement.

The feedback gathered from this visit will undoubtedly guide the colleges in their ongoing efforts to enhance their educational standards.


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