Mandatory Wearing of Face Mask and Face Shield

ZC Executive Order 607-2020 that strengthens E.O. 595-2020

These and all other provisions of the EO take effect immediately and
violation thereof will be dealt with accordingly.

1. Mandatory wearing of face mask and face shield
2. Movement prohibitions
3. Imposition of curfew from 10pm to 4am
4. Cancellation of all City and National government celebrations, parties,
anniversaries and festivities from the day of signing of EO until Dec. 31, 2020
5. Private parties celebrated at home to mark personal family milestones are
encouraged to be kept simple
6. Implementation of liquor ban Monday – Sunday
7. Strict prohibition on videoke, video singko and karaoke inside private
property due to online class of students
8. Only quarantine pass holders /bearers shall be allowed to get out of their
houses to access basic needs such as food and medicines and other acts now allowed under MGCG
9. One passenger and 1 driver are allowed for ordinary motorized tricycles and 1 driver and 2 passengers are allowed for piaggio or bajaj units.

Hence, all faculty and personnel are reminded to adhere the said order likewise effective immediately all who are transacting official business in the college shall wear FACE MASK and FACE SHIELD as mandated. Non compliance of said requirements shall mean no entry to the college premises, for your guidance and information.


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